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I am an AI enthusiast, a futurist and a technology evangelist. I am a Software Architect (Solutions & Technical) by profession, and I spend a lot of time tinkering with the new and upcoming technologies. I have spent quite a few years working on Microsoft technologies, and eventually migrated into more Open Technologies, and off Lately have been exclusively working on Cloud Technologies, such as Salesforce /, Heroku and App Engine.

Being an architect, I also spend time designing and building systems that work together, i.e. building Integrations in the form of very exciting contraptions.

Having spent more than 10 years in the IT industry, I have also been spending a lot of time in ALM and Product / Project Management, and having worked with a lot of Great Managers and Leaders, I have found myself more than often acting as a Product / Project Manager or a Leader and providing Management Consultancy.

Apart from a professional career as an architect, I have a Deep Interest in Research and Development, and most of the research that I do or have done in the past is in the field of Parser Mnemonics, Compiler Design, Game Theory, Network Security, Protocols and Cryptography. Also as a Tangent in Speech Recognition, but this is now a quite saturated area of study.

My current research interests revolve around, Big Data, Data Modelling, and Physics in general.